Chat, Dice Rolls and Character Sheets


The days spent in abstinence from RPGs are over! With RoleEver chat you can play asynchronously h24. Yes, even in the bathroom.

Dice Rolls

Dice Rolls

You can share your critical failures directly in chat! The app interfaces with your character sheet and the results are calculated automatically. So everyone will see how, when trying to hit the boss, you drop a blow on the head of the cleric causing a TPK.

Character Sheets

No external app for holding character sheets! In each campaign, each player can see his sheet by opening it from the game menu.

Character Sheets
Nick the dragon

And more, A LOT more!

Stories Board

Looking for a party? Browse the Stories Board and join one of the available campaigns.

Diary and Notes

If you're the type of gamer who likes to keep track of campaign progress, RoleEver has you in mind too!

Game Turns

The turn menu will allow you to better manage the pace of the game, without slowing down the campaign.

Reader Mode

If you don't have time to play, you can read other players' campaigns with Reader Mode.

Work in progress

Game Map

The game map where you can use tokens (and more) is very popular, but it has a very high CR… We will add it as soon as possible!


We are looking into the possibility of integrating multiple parallel chats in the same campaign. This way, the master can comfortably manage the parties that are divided or private rolls with players. (This is the way!)

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